Conservation Activities

There is so much work that goes into conservation that people may not realize. Along with the more basic of needs comes awareness and education and footwork. At Shared Universe Foundation some of our other initiatives will include:


Our aim is to create a rich biodiversity needed to conserve and protect species that are vulnerable to extinction. In order to do this, we are working hard to achieve an ecologically sound game reserve where there is naturally all the essential resources for our wildlife.

Volunteers and students are essential for us to gather long-term data on our wildlife and ecology. Volunteers assist us in increasing our knowledge of how Mapesu’s ecosystem entwines in order for us to increase our biodiversity and conserve fauna and flora. Every activity and task is meaningful and useful to us but also informs students and volunteers about wildlife conservation in South Africa.

We invite scientists to study the ecology of Mapesu, this will help us make informed decisions for the management and progression of the reserve. As well as contributing to the knowledge of Savannah ecosystems for the interests of the public, conservation organisations, reserve managers and scientists. By doing so, it helps in the resolutions for the conservation of our wilderness spaces globally.

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Ecosystem Restoration:

Biodiversity is an underrated and complex issue but there is no doubt the large impact it can have on a region. Having vegetation which supports the vast variety of wildlife of the South African savanna needs to be conserved.  Continual investment is needed for the mopane-encroachment project which helps to clear the vast land as recommended by ecologist in order to return good grasslands.

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Mapesu Game Reserve

Mapesu Game Reserve located to the north near the borders with Zimbabwe and Botswana has the space required for our programs as well as for other initiatives.

The Rhino S.O.S (SAVE OR SIRE), is to create a rhino crèche which will provide a safe place for the species. This sanctuary will also allow farmers who own rhinos, but can no longer safely take care of them on their own property, a location to preserve them.

The crèche will consist of a fenced-off zone and a boma area for rhinoceros to be introduced to the ranch and for closer monitoring when needed. The entire area will be fenced and guarded by an anti-poaching unit with excellent training and tools at their disposal.

A qualified veterinarian will be on standby in the event of illness or injury. Lucerne and other feed as well as minerals will be provided when needed. Similarly damages related to rhinos that pass away due to natural causes such as fighting, labor, disease or old age will be addressed.

Understanding how hard it may be for animal lovers to part with their rhinos; we offer a relatively safe way for someone to still own a rhino and really feel connected to the conservation of the species.

All adoptive owners will have visitor’s rights, and will be kept up to date on the development of the project as well as their rhinos (newsletters, website, web cameras, drones, etc.)

By increasing the number of owners and rhinos, shared cost will be driven down and optimum protection can be organized. More money means more anti-poachers, better weapons, better technology, and better veterinary care amongst others.

The location of the farm as well as the intense human activity can be a deterrent for poachers, nevertheless poaching is a real and present danger and needs to be accepted for what it is.  People must realize that loss of life for both rhinos and humans is a possibility.